Welcome to 5th Grade 

Wow, what a great week we had!  Monday was a great field day (we really lucked out with the weather!).  We also tie-dyed, completed a crime unit, AND went to BizTown!  It was so fun to see all of the students in their jobs!  I think everyone enjoyed their trip and can now appreciate the hard work that you do each day!  Only 3 more days of school left!  Please see below for all of the fun events!

Announcements:​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​​​​​​​

  • May 28th- Police Station and Johnson's walking field trip.  Make sure you wear your walking shoes and have turned in your permission slip and money to Mrs. Hayes.  

  • May 28th & 29th- We will be working on scrapbooks on these days.  Students may bring/encouraged to bring in their own pictures for their scrapbooks (these should be wallet size and could be on printer paper, instead of photo quality paper!)

  • May 29th- Please wear your tennis shoes on this day (we are going to do an outdoor activity). 

  • May 29th- Bring a board game of your choice.

  • May 30th- Slide show presentation for the students from the teachers.  Parents, please feel free to join us at 11:15 in our common space (just outside our classrooms!)

  • May 30th- Lunch on the lawn.  Parents, please feel free to come have lunch with your child (you may pack, buy school lunch, or bring in lunch for you and your child from your favorite restaurant!!) and Trimester Party

  • May 30th- Trimester party-if you signed up for donations, please send those in by the afternoon.  

This week in science class,  We held our mousetrap car races.  The students enjoyed this event!  We also worked on a forensic unit.  Students learned how to take their own fingerprints and also identify them as a loop, arch, whorl.  We learned about fingerprint formulas and I also introduced them to a case of the open safe.  Students had 5 suspects and their backgrounds, they had their fingerprints, and then they received the prints on the safe.  Students were then asked to identify the suspect that committed the crime.  Finally, students also submitted their last Gizmo for a grade in PowerSchool.  

In Social Studies this week, we did an activity with demand.  I held an auction on my phone...In each class, someone wanted to buy my phone for $2000!!! I also had post-its for sale, which they had no interest in buying!  We talked about how and why businesses set prices.  We also discussed this in a BizTown setting.  We also went to BizTown!  We had such a great trip and the students did such a great job in this setting.  

I want to thank everyone for such a great year.  Thank you for your support through volunteering, donations and your partnership with your child at home.  I have enjoyed working with your child and watching them grow and mature on their educational journey.  I hope to see them throughout the years as well as have the opportunity for any siblings that might be coming our way.  I am sure I will see you in the community.  Have a great summer and we hope to see you in the fall.

 Mrs. T

Our Schedule


9:10-9:50      Eagle Period

9:50-10:55    Block 1

10:55-11:35  Recess/Lunch

11:40-12:20  Special

                     A day Wellnes

                     B day Technology

                     C day Art

                     D day Music

12:25-1:25    Block 2

1:25-2:30      Block 3

2:30-3:35      Block 4

3:35-3:40      Pack up/Dismissal



This year in science students will continue their work in Life Science.  We look at the various cycles that allow life to exist.  We will also take a look at ecosystems and understand what we need in order to survive.  We will take this idea and carry it in to our Space unit, where students will have to decide if there are any other planets out there that would be able to sustain life.  In addition, we will learn how both Sound and Light are alike and different.  This will be the unit that students will have the opportunity to dissect the Cow Eyeball!  Finally, we will learn about how things move in our Force and Motion Unit

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